“Friends managing friends in a friendly fashion…”
That’s our foolish philosophy.

Welcome to the Foolish Philosophy website! You are probably here to check out the musicians and artists we have the good fortune to represent but, in case you are a little curious about who we are, what we do and why we do it, we created this page just for you.


Foolish Philosophy Records is a partnership between Jared Ellis and Damon Mantooth. We are two guys from Chickasha, Oklahoma, who have had the privilege of being part of a community of ambitious and creative musicians pretty much our whole lives.

In that time, we’ve done pretty much everything you can do related to music without actually stepping on to the stage and performing - and that’s the way we like it. Our business is an outgrowth of our friendships: friendships with musicians, artist, promoters, radio talent and people who share our passion for great music.


Foolish Philosophy does three things:

  • We produce high-quality vinyl records for our showcase artists and their listeners.
  • We offer management and promotion services for emerging talent and established artists
  • We sell things.
Our promise to artist and audience alike is that we will never skimp to make a buck at someone else’s expense.


The foundation of Foolish Philosophy is that we love music -- and not in a “sit in our rooms and listen to it on headphones” kind of way. We live for those experiences of going to a show and being part of a shared experience bigger than the sum of its parts. We believe that music and art, as well as the people who make it, are important to the communities.

We got involved in management because we got tired of watching our friends getting screwed over or, worse, having their potential wasted by people who wanted to be “in the biz” more than they wanted to do the biz.

Foolish Philosophy represents the natural expression of our belief that artist and audience alike are people and should be respected as such.